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After I did the posting called Sunrise on the Seine earlier today, I realized that it did not truly give readers a sense of location. Yes, it was in Paris, and yes, it was on the Seine River. The image was pretty, but it didn’t really speak “Paris.”

I shot a lot of photos this morning as I walked and stopped on the paved pathway down near the water level of the river. I was hoping to be able to capture an image of Notre Dame at sunrise. The angles and timing did not quite work out as I expected. By the time Notre Dame came into view, the sun had already risen a little too high and was directly in front of me.

When sorting through my photos, I initially rejected this image because the bright sun created a hot spot in the image. Later today, I decided to revisit the image and decided I liked it. Why? It has Notre Dame in the frame, of course, but it also shows the effects of the early morning sun as the rays illuminate the boat on the right and the concrete barrier along the pathway.

So, I decided to break my normal pattern and post multiple images today. It’s Paris, after all—I am sure I will be forgiven if I feel extra inspired here.


Notre Dame at sunrise

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Conscious of his imminent departure for an overseas assignment, a Navy Dad cradles his infant son, ready to do whatever it takes to protect him. Fortunately Dad is not going to a war zone and in a few months his wife and young son will be joining him in that faraway country.

This past weekend I was privileged to attend a baby shower for the newest addition to my family. There was an official photographer for the event and he is the one who staged the first two photos. I shot around him and from different angles and generally tried to stay out of the way. The final shot was unstaged, though, and was one I grabbed while they were simply sitting on the sofa.

I am not used to taking photos of people and certainly not of babies, but I really like the way these turned out. Somehow I am fascinated by the baby’s hands and the different positions in the images—the clutching of the flag in first shot the semi-salute in the second, and the gentle grasp of his Dad’s hand in the final image.

Security? What can make you more secure than to be held in your Dad’s arms?


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