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Trying to avoid an all-out turf war, the leaders of the Crows and Vultures agreed to meet, but the negotiations quickly started to break down.  What happened?vulture_crow4_blog

The leaders had agreed to meet alone in the middle of a snow-covered field.


However, the Crow leader had brought reinforcements with him and the Vulture found himself outnumbered.


Not wanting to show any fear, the Vulture leader decided to flex his muscles and extended his mighty wings. The Crows were not impressed and would not agree to any compromises.vulture_crow3_blogThe Vulture leader started to feel a little uncomfortable as he felt someone creeping up behind him and turned quickly to face the potential Crow assassin.


Clearly, these negotiations were not going anywhere and the Vulture leader headed back to announce to his subordinates that a full-scale turf war with the Crows was about to begin.vulture_crow7_blog

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