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Most of my photos exist only in digital form. I have had some of them printed, but there are only so many photos that I can hang on the walls of my townhouse. I have had some photos printed on mugs and other items, but the images don’t have quite the same impact when they are printed so small. How else can I display my photos?

My niece, Kristina Hughes, and her boyfriend, Brian Vermeire, came up with a creative way of integrating their love of art and their love of cats. Earlier this year they launched their website frameyourfeline.com that offers customized ways for your cat to become a living work of art. I encourage you to check out their website for further information, but in a nutshell Kristina and Brian have created three-dimensional boxes that hang on the wall with interchangeable art panels providing a backdrop for the cats. The boxes are carpeted and provide the kind of place where cats love to lounge and pose.

Customers can choose from multiple options for the frame style at the opening of the box and from a wide selection of art panels that include paintings and photographs, including more than forty of my images. Kristina and Brian are adding new art panels all of the time as more creative people join in the project. The photos below give you an idea of how some of my photos would look in a Frame Your Feline environment.

There is a special linited-time sale going on for Memorial Day weekend, so if you are at all interested, check out the website. Even if you don’t have a cat (and I don’t), it’s fun and a little addictive to watch cats wander in and out of these frames. You can also learn more about the background of Frame Your Feline by listening to an interview with Kristina and Brian on the Nine Lives with Dr. Katz podcast. Kristina and Brian are also comedians, so the interview is a really fun listen.

Frame Your Feline

Frame Your Feline

Frame Your Feline

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