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I enjoy watching videos on YouTube about all types of photography, especially about wildlife photography. Some of the channels feature well-established professional photographers with expensive gear who produce mind-blowing images. These photographers inspire me, but they are in such a different place on their photography journey than I am that I don’t feel a personal connection.

Increasingly I am drawn to small YouTube channels run by young wildlife photographers who are just starting out as professionals. It is hard to make a living as a photographer, but these photographers are passionate about photography and are energetically trying to turn their passion into a profession.

A while back I started following a young British wildlife photographer named Toby Wood. On his channel page he describes himself in these words, “I am a Photographer based in the UK who is passionate about turning memories tangible with photographs. On this channel you will predominantly see wildlife photography as this is where my true passion for photography began. Since turning photography into my job I also do events, portraits and business shoots to make ends meet.” Toby has an engaging personality and he takes his viewers along in many of his videos as he searches for wildlife subjects to photograph.

Over the past year, Toby has produced several hundred videos and is on the cusp of reaching a major YouTube milestone. In order to be monetized, a channel much have 1,000 subscribers and have a total of 4,000 watch hours during the past 365 days. When a channel is monetized, the content creator receives a portion of the advertising revenue for the ads shown by YouTube. Toby recently met the requirement for watch hours and currently has 963 subscribers.

Toby needs only 37 more subscribers and I wonder if I can get some of you to check out his channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/TAWoodPhotography and consider subscribing to his channel. It would mean an awful lot to this talented young photographer. Here is a copy of his request on Instagram for help in reaching this milestone.


I am also embedding a link here to one of Toby’s recent videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBdFd3iWnoI) in which he takes on a challenge to take wildlife photos using a 50mm lens. This will give you a glimpse into his style of videos and I encourage you to explore some of the other videos on his channel. You can also check out his work on his website.

Thanks in advance for any on you who are willing to jump in and help Toby reach this significant milestone.

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