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At this time of the year I am drawn to any insects that I see flying about and I have found myself chasing after even small flies. There’s usually a period of readjustment as I switch from searching for subjects that are far away to looking for tiny subjects that are often only an arm’s length away from me. Most of the time I have to rely upon movement to spot these insects—only occasionally am I able to spot a perched insect.

As I noted in yesterday’s blog posting, I finally spotted my first two butterflies of the spring. I thought I had spotted a third butterfly last Wednesday at Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge when this colorful little insect flew in front of me. I am pretty familiar with the butterflies in my area, but did not recognize this one.

After doing some research, I have concluded that this is probably a Grapevine Epimenis Moth (Psychomorpha epimenis). According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, “The grapevine epimenis flies during daytime and would seem too colorful to be a moth, but a moth it is. A member of the noctuid family, its many drab, grayish relatives include dagger, owlet, armyworm, cutworm, and earworm moths.”

Grapevine Epimenis Moth

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